All (new) members, to register please visit: 

Please read the information below carefully: 


Registration day is Saturday 7th September at the new Kingsway Little Athletics Centre Clubrooms 10am to 2pm. New registration enquiries can be made on the day. Please bring your child/ren's birth certificate or passport with you. 

Registration enquiries can also be made at our training sessions, if you cannot make registration day. 

Please note, you do not need to come to registration day, in order to register. Please use the link above, to register online.             


If you are new to our club and you have registered online, please bring your registration receipt to training and your children's birth certificate or passport for our registrar to sight. When registering, please ensure you choose Kingsway as the centre and then Woodvale as the club. PLEASE PAY ONLINE AND ONLY CLICK THE CASH OPTION IF YOU ARE USING A KIDSPORT VOUCHER!

Our first training session is Monday 16th September at 5pm on the Woodvale Secondary College oval on Woodvale Drive. Please note that Woodvale LAC does NOT offer training for Tiny Tots.

First day of competitions is Saturday 12th October at the Kingsway sporting complex (footy grounds). There will be a Kingsway Centre Open Day on Saturday 5th October 9am to 11am for new families which is also a "Come and Try" day and you are welcome to bring a friend.

The summer season runs from October till March. The winter season (cross country and road walking) runs from April till August.         
Please be aware that little athletics is a very involved sport.

Parents get rostered on for various duties and your Saturdays are long (generally till noon or possibly 1pm depending on the age groups) and it can be very hot. You are expected to stay with your children at training and Saturday competitions.


Please take the option of 2 free training sessions, if you think your children are not 100% sure.
There are absolutely no refunds if you change your mind.

***Please do not register your children if you are not prepared to help out, this sport relies heavily upon its volunteers***

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